Rino Mastrotto Group prides itself on its artisanal wisdom, originality, historic recollections and attention to the future. Everyday the Rino Mastrotto Group ties all these aspects together finalizing them in productive innovations suited to the different types of requests of the client.

Flexibility of the group is guaranteed by the specialized sectors of its divisions dedicated to the continual research into international styles and tendencies, new approaches and ways of manufacturing with the goal of offering endless variations from the classical to the minimal, from the elegant to fashion.

But it is not simply an aesthetic question. The Rino Mastrotto Group always guarantees a high level of technical performance that can withstand the most severe tests and controls.
And this in order to offer excellent leather, both inside and out.

Not only that! Our experience has taught us that to respond in a competitive way to every demand, even the most articulate and complex, we cannot neglect cooperation with our clients. Consequently we try to establish constructive communication as soon as possible with the users of our products.