It is widely known now that total quality entails industrial production compatible with a way of development that supports and respects nature.

In this perspective our group has spent years looking for solutions to improve the production processes reducing its impact on the environment, working with related associations, respecting growing legislative obligations and the installation of modern purification plants.

Rino mastrotto group presents itself as an unquestionable model company in the tanning field also for its capacity to tie the high standards of quality of its products to a rigorous environmental policy.

The Rino Mastrotto Group was certificated ISO 14001 in 1999 and periodically publishes an environmental report of its activities.

The latest RMG project is the Friendlystye brand which guarantees a rigorously eco-sustainable industrial cycle. This is a continuous commitment to important investments in human and economic resources for assuring a better and cleaner world.

The awareness of working in a vulnerable territorial reality from an environmental viewpoint, such as the tanning district of Arzignano, whose activity has a high impact on the area, has motivated RINO MASTROTTO GROUP S.p.A. to adopt strategies and policies to benefit the environment. These strategies include the use of new technologies and working methods with a low environmental impact, a commitment to respect the territory and a constant reduction of the impact deriving from the operations. They also call for cooperation with the stakeholders to achieve sustainable development, and the involvement of employees, instilling in them the awareness that respect for the environment can bring benefits in terms of health, economic opportunities and an improvement in the future prospects of life. The environmental policy of RINO MASTROTTO GROUP S.p.A. underlines these principles and, to enable them to be applied, this document is distributed to company employees, independent contractors and customers and is published on the website so that it is available to all stakeholders.