Array ( [17] => Array ( [divisionid] => 17 [division] => Area Design [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => It is the partner of the largest productive groups, from cars to shoes, from leatherwear to furnishi ) [18] => Array ( [divisionid] => 18 [division] => Area Fashion [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => The Pizzolato Tannery is the oldest post war factory in Arzignano and was already producing patent ) [19] => Array ( [divisionid] => 19 [division] => Basmar [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => Absolutely the headquarters of the group in Trissino (Vi), Basmar, from the end of the 1960’s ) [20] => Array ( [divisionid] => 20 [division] => Brusarosco [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => Brusarosco is the oldest Italian tannery. It was started as far back as 1834. Now it has become his ) [21] => Array ( [divisionid] => 21 [division] => Calbe [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => Calbe uses different working processes and materials, coloration and approaches to continue researc ) [23] => Array ( [divisionid] => 23 [division] => Pomari [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => High quality combined with great dynamism is the secret of success for Pomari, a well appreciated ) [25] => Array ( [divisionid] => 25 [division] => Bermas L.T.D.A. [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => With enterprise and foresight the group looked overseas. One of our most ambitious projects and re ) [26] => Array ( [divisionid] => 26 [division] => RMG Australia [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => In the lively and rich city of Perth (Australia) Rino Mastrotto Group joined the New World. The aim ) [27] => Array ( [divisionid] => 27 [division] => RMG CHINA [division_thumb] => [division_imgAlt] => [division_short] => To find the same quality and the same service throughout the world. This was the principle leading ) ) Rino Mastrotto Group Spa


Rino mastrotto group is proud of its ancient art and its strategic vision of the future. The historic tradition of the name Mastrotto rose in the middle of the last century and grew over the years to become, in 1998, the Rino Mastrotto Group, a prestigious International trademark that spans from Italy to Brazil, from China to Australia.

At the root of this model company you find a constant endeavour with regards to reliability, entrepreneurial expertise, research, stylish innovations, environmental policy and with managerial and financial skills.

These, however, are only a few of the qualities that have allowed our group to impose itself on the world scene in the field of tanning hides.
With a well organized production and administrative network the Rino Mastrotto Group satisfies the complete cycle of tanning from the purchasing of selected raw materials to the wide and specialized production of products that meet the demands of the market. From footwear to leather goods, from furniture to car upholstery Rino Mastrotto Group is the leather.